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I opened my eyes to morning light filtering into the hotel bedroom. Jack’s white noise machine was still putting forth its synthesized ocean noises. I reached over and turned the volume down, yawned and stretched.
Next to me Charlie was still asleep, as were Jack and Lloyd in the other bed. I looked at the clock. Seven-thirty. Kind of early for a Saturday morning.
My bladder was full, so I got out of bed, being careful not to wake Lloyd’s partner, and tiptoed toward the bathroom. As I passed the other bed I looked at Jack. He seemed so peaceful lying there, his muscular shoulders and the swell of his chest visible above the covers, that I smiled despite myself. I thought about what I had overheard last night, he and Lloyd making love while they thought Charlie and I were sleeping. Would I say anything to him about it? I couldn’t make up my mind.
I shut the bathroom door as quietly as I could and let my morning flood loose into the toilet. I decided I might as well go ahead and shower since I was dressed for it. I flushed, stepped into the tub, and turned on a warm spray.
I had shampooed my hair and gotten up a good head of lather when the bathroom door opened. I looked around the shower curtain and saw that it was Jack.
“Good morning,” he said. “Sorry to bust in, but I really have to pee.”
“Fine, go ahead,” I said, trying to sound normal, which proved difficult. I’d always loved the way Jack looked just after he woke. There was something endearing and sexy about seeing a man so put together during the day with his hair sticking up, his face dark with stubble and his eyes heavy with sleep. Right now my affection was clouded by the knowledge of what he had done last night. Not for the first time since we’d all gotten together I felt an ache in my chest, love and pain in equal parts.
I ducked back under the spray and went back to rubbing my scalp, listening to the sound of his pissing, then the toilet flushing. Then, to my surprise, Jack stuck his head in.
“Could I join you?” – asked sexy black twink
My heart leaped. “Sure.” We hadn’t showered together in private in goodness knows how long. Jack stepped in and stood before me, smiling, still looking sleepy.
“I’ll be done in a minute,” I said, hurrying to rinse off.
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